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The do's and don'ts of job hunting

job search tips

Getting started on the job search can be an uphill battle for many applicants. You may know where to start, but sometimes you can be lost on where to go from there. There's no need to panic or worry, as there are several do's and don'ts you can follow while you're hunting for a new job.

How to balance school, work and family life

work life balance for returning students

When you're hard at work on a career in nursing or healthcare management, it can be challenging to juggle the various aspects of your life that take up the most time. Maybe you have a family to look after or a full-time job to maintain on top of schoolwork. Whatever the case may be, it's a good idea to review some tips to make your school and home life more manageable.

The life of a registered nurse

nursing career

Interested in a career in nursing? Looking to further your education in hopes of finding a job in the field of healthcare? Learn more about the role registered nurses play in the field of medicine.

Preparing for a job interview

interview tips

Preparing for the job interview can be the most critical part of the job hunt. However, you may feel more comfortable if you keep these helpful interview tips in mind.

The diverse world of nursing

nursing degree

Earning a nursing degree and licensure may afford you the opportunity to work in a variety of different healthcare environments during your career. Many people may believe that nurses only work in hospitals and administer care in traditional scrubs. However, there are diverse options available to you once you've finished your education.

Why you should consider becoming a pharmacy technician

become a pharmacy technician

The healthcare industry is on the lookout for rising talent to join its cause to improve the quality of care for patients. In recent years, healthcare IT has seen a boom in innovation that's led not only to advancements in care but also in new health science careers for students.

Benefits of online education and tips for success

health information technology courses

There are many advantages of an online education. It's convenient, time-saving and in-demand. The modern postsecondary education student is often older with a job, family and commitments. Modern education must change with the modern student, and online courses are helping that.

Intro to UMA’s Nursing Program

become a nurse

Interested in nursing school? This is a great time to get started! UMA’s next program start is November 10, 2014. In under two years, you could complete your ADN classroom studies and prepare for your nursing licensure exam. Nursing is a career that allows you to work directly with patients and medical staff, multi-task, be a leader and make a difference. You will be taught how to manage patients throughout their life cycle and become an integral member of the healthcare team. Nursing coursework includes:

Become a Pharmacy Technician Today

Pharmacy Technician Maurice Taylor

By Maurice D. Taylor, MS, CPhT
Lead Pharmacy Instructor, Ultimate Medical Academy

Pharmacy Technicians – Then and Now

Navigating financial aid and scholarships 101

navigating financial aid and scholarships

So you want to make a change in your life and take that medical billing course - or perhaps you've decided to go back to school to earn your nursing training certification. Financial aid and scholarships are supposed to alleviate the stress of paying for your education. So why can they be such a headache?

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